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Wyoming ZIP Code List

This is the list of ZIP Codes in Wyoming. The zip code 5, state, county, and city are displayed in the list. You can click the title to browse the detailed information.

Wyoming has a total number of 118,979 ZIP Codes, and the first three digits range from 820-834. Not all the five-digit numbers in the range are assigned as ZIP Codes, in other words, there is some number that is not assigned.

StateCountyCityZIP Code
WYCrook CountyBELLE FOURCHE57717
WYPark CountyBELFRY59008
WYCrook CountyALZADA59311
WYCampbell CountyBIDDLE59314
WYLaramie CountyCHEYENNE82001
WYLaramie CountyCHEYENNE82002
WYLaramie CountyCHEYENNE82003
WYLaramie CountyFE WARREN AFB82005
WYLaramie CountyCHEYENNE82006
WYLaramie CountyCHEYENNE82007
WYLaramie CountyCHEYENNE82008
WYLaramie CountyCHEYENNE82009
WYLaramie CountyCHEYENNE82010
WYLaramie CountyALBIN82050
WYAlbany CountyBOSLER82051
WYAlbany CountyBUFORD82052
WYLaramie CountyBURNS82053
WYLaramie CountyCARPENTER82054
WYAlbany CountyCENTENNIAL82055
WYAlbany CountyGARRETT82058
WYLaramie CountyGRANITE CANON82059
WYLaramie CountyHILLSDALE82060
WYLaramie CountyHORSE CREEK82061
WYAlbany CountyJELM82063
WYAlbany CountyLARAMIE82070
WYAlbany CountyLARAMIE82071
WYAlbany CountyLARAMIE82072
WYAlbany CountyLARAMIE82073
WYLaramie CountyMERIDEN82081
WYLaramie CountyPINE BLUFFS82082
WYCarbon CountyARLINGTON82083
WYAlbany CountyTIE SIDING82084
WYAlbany CountyWHEATLAND82201
WYGoshen CountyCHUGWATER82210
WYGoshen CountyFORT LARAMIE82212
WYPlatte CountyGLENDO82213
WYPlatte CountyGUERNSEY82214
WYPlatte CountyHARTVILLE82215
WYGoshen CountyHAWK SPRINGS82217
WYGoshen CountyHUNTLEY82218
WYGoshen CountyJAY EM82219
WYGoshen CountyLAGRANGE82221
WYNiobrara CountyLANCE CREEK82222
WYGoshen CountyLINGLE82223
WYConverse CountyLOST SPRINGS82224
WYNiobrara CountyLUSK82225
WYNiobrara CountyKEELINE82227
WYConverse CountySHAWNEE82229
WYGoshen CountyTORRINGTON82240
WYGoshen CountyVAN TASSELL82242
WYGoshen CountyVETERAN82243
WYGoshen CountyYODER82244
WYCarbon CountyRAWLINS82301
WYFremont CountyJEFFREY CITY82310
WYCarbon CountyBAGGS82321
WYSweetwater CountyBAIROIL82322
WYCarbon CountyDIXON82323
WYCarbon CountyELK MOUNTAIN82324
WYCarbon CountyENCAMPMENT82325
WYCarbon CountyHANNA82327
WYAlbany CountyMEDICINE BOW82329
WYCarbon CountySARATOGA82331
WYCarbon CountySAVERY82332
WYCarbon CountySINCLAIR82334
WYCarbon CountyWALCOTT82335
WYSweetwater CountyWAMSUTTER82336
WYBig Horn CountyWORLAND82401
WYBig Horn CountyBASIN82410
WYBig Horn CountyBURLINGTON82411
WYBig Horn CountyBYRON82412
WYPark CountyCODY82414
WYBig Horn CountyCOWLEY82420
WYBig Horn CountyDEAVER82421
WYBig Horn CountyEMBLEM82422
WYPark CountyFRANNIE82423
WYBig Horn CountyGREYBULL82426
WYBig Horn CountyHYATTVILLE82428
WYHot Springs CountyKIRBY82430
WYBig Horn CountyLOVELL82431